Matthew and Grace Huang are an American couple from Los Angeles who moved to Qatar with their three young children in 2012.  On January 15, 2013, the Huangs’ eight year-old daughter, Gloria, died unexpectedly in Doha. Gloria had not been ill, at least not outwardly so.  Her body showed no signs of trauma or other violence.  Nevertheless, the Qatari police immediately suspected foul play.  They arrested the Huangs the next day and put the Huangs’ other two children in an orphanage.  Qatari officials subsequently charged Matthew and Grace with murdering Gloria, concluded thier plan was to harvest her organs or to conduct medical experiments on her, and accused the Huangs of obtaining all three of their children via human trafficking. As their trial started and stopped, the Huangs spent nearly a year in a Qatari jail, before being released on their own recognizance after the evidence portion of their trial concluded in November 2013. In March 2014 the court sentenced Matthew and Grace to three years in prison.  They are innocent and their continued detention in Qatar is a gross violation of their rights as established in the United Nations Charter on Human Rights.


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